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Trimformworks Shuttering Formwork Contractor Dublin Ireland

Formwork construction starts with a design which begins the foundation of any RC development, these foundations are commonly known as pile caps, reinforced steel will be designed and tied, the formwork will be designed and constructed to a required specification and concrete will be poured.


Next comes the ground beams that will tie the pile caps together and a reinforced concrete slab is poured over them to give you a start for the rising elements. Rising elements are the formwork structures that form the shell of the development.


Reinforced steel bars will protrude through the concrete slab in the positions where these rising elements are designed to be, they will consist of columns, stair cores, lift cores and walls, all will have their own formwork design and possibly additional features that will be implemented as required.


A concrete slab will come next in the form of a precast unit or an in-situ concrete deck which Trimformworks will cast using the Doka Table System, this formwork system is both time efficient and cost effective when addressing multi-storey buildings. 


Keeping in mind that most developments will have different specifications, and no two formwork builds are the same, Trimformworks have the experience to differentiate when needed to complete each and every project we undertake to the highest standard.  

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Trimformworks formwork construction

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Trimformworks formwork contractor

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Concrete Placement Video


Preconstruction Planning

Our team here at Trimformworks Ltd  will meet with potential clients pre-construction stage to provide them with the most cost effective route and method of achieving there desired  RC structure.

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Trimformworks are a leading Formwork company in the Dublin area for the past decade with a proven track record in RC Framework.

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Our management team here at Trimformworks work tirelessly to ensure any of our formwork projects undertaken arrive safely on time and on budget.



Trimformworks Ltd is an established Shuttering Formwork and reinforced concrete placement construction company with a vastly impressive portfolio of Formwork builds in county Dublin Ireland.


Trimformworks began construction of various developments in 2009 since then the company has grown from strength to strength and now has in excess of 140+ fulltime employees working on various formwork projects.

Trimformworks employs a highly motivated and experienced site staff who manage their projects focusing on Quality, H&S and budget while delivering a formwork structure on time every time.


Since the lockdown the Trimformworks team have been working tirelessly to make sure both existing and new projects are on schedule and maintain our usual high standard of work, we achieve this through seamlessly integrating our construction procedures along with our new Covid -19 safety features.

Amazon Project Lucan

Trimformworks have recently secured an Amazon project in Lucan Dublin for Bennett construction, the project consists of seven independent stair cores all simultaneously using the DNP Formwork Panel System. 

Even though the project is just weeks old we have it all well ahead of schedule. (no images or video available due to a confidentially agreement)

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Hillview Tullaghanoge,


Co Meath.

Kevin Griffin - Co Founder and Director

Tel: 087-246 5174


Tommy Spollen - Sr Contracts Manager

Tel: 087-220 2511


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