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Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease 

The best way to prevent and slow down any possible transmission is be well informed about the safe practices that can be implemented to fight against COVID-19 virus.


Trimformworks have put in place a Mitigation plan for any works going forward, these plans will be constantly updated and distributed to the relevant staff to adhere to the procedures identified. Daily toolbox talks on Covid-19 and social distancing are in place.


Social distancing is an important strategy to help slow the spread of coronavirus. It does this by minimising contact.

All Trimformworks operatives are advised to:

keep a space of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between all persons onsite.


Avoid any crowded places no congregating allowed.


Do not shake hands or make close contact with other people, if possible.

There may be little risk if you are just passing someone. But keeping a distance of 2 metres is a given.


These outlines are from the HSE website


You should wash your hands:

After coughing or sneezing.

Before and after eating.

Before and after preparing food.

If you were in contact with someone who has a fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing).

Before and after being on public transport if you must use it.

Before and after being in a crowd (especially an indoor crowd).

When you arrive and leave buildings including your home or anyone else's home if you have handled animals or animal waste.

Before having a cigarette or vaping.

If your hands are dirty.

After toilet use.


Trimformworks recommend learning as much about Covid-19 as possible, visiting the HSE website is advisable and putting into practice the outlines you learn there is fully recommended.

Please view the video above and the PDF's below feel free to download and distribute as much as required. 

Stay Safe.

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